Crowdsourcing 'scenic' ratings for

Rio de Janeiro

This week, instead of telling you about previous research, we’ll be working with you to carry out a new study!

In previous work we found evidence that people who live in more scenic environments report their health to be better.

Our conclusions drew on crowdsourced data from an online game, Scenic-or-Not, where people rated photos that had been taken all across the UK.

However, it would be great to get new insight into our relationship with the aesthetics of the environment in other countries too. To get started on this journey, we’ve put together a new game which will show you pictures of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, home of the 2016 Olympics, so you can help us identify the most scenic locations.

To complete this exercise, we’d like to ask you to rate at least 20 photographs which have been taken all over Rio, to tell us how scenic you think they are. Click on this link to start.

Next week, we’ll show you the data you’ve all crowdsourced.

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